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Teen parenting sucks

Adorable Child and her friends frequently tell Polimom stories about incidents and interactions in their middle-school (and high-school) worlds.  Sometimes the stories are funny… but far more often — and ever-more frequently — they’re not. I can’t remember ever sharing such tales with my parents (or my friends’ parents), so I have no idea what [...]

NFL Picks Week 4

I’m getting this out even later than I did last week, thanks to the increasing madness in the presidential election.  (I’m a raving political junkie these days, I guess.) First, a summary of last week.  Because I differed so widely from The Golden Coin (TGC), I predicted that either the Coin or I was going [...]

“McCain is Right” Ad: A Major Misfire

Before I’d even taken my sandy-eyed, exhausted self off to bed last night, the McCain campaign came out with a post-debate ad.  (You can view it here.)  In it, he quotes Obama’s several “McCain is right” lines, and spins himself dizzy. Agreeing with one’s opponent as a segue into the rebuttal is a common debate [...]

The Debates, Round One

Having placed myself back “on the fence” a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed tonight’s debate.   Watching them side-by-side was an interesting exercise. I posted a few post-debate thoughts at TMV, here.  In a nutshell, though?  I think this was a good night, overall, for Obama.

Mark to Market for the non-economist (like Polimom)

Polimom is not an economist.  But if you’re having trouble understanding why there are liquidity problems in the banking world, you may as well start with the mark to market rule: Let’s say Bank A and Bank B each own an asset, for which they each paid $100. For the sake of simplicity, assume it’s [...]