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Tasteless ain’t racist

I’m still wandering the roads of Cinco Ranch, wondering when my truck’s going to be back-ended by a raving anti-Obama madman (or woman). So far, there have been nothing but odd looks… but down the road a few miles in Sugarland, things are a bit less refined.  From the Houston Chronicle: SUGAR LAND — In [...]

Free music and bratwurst

After the massive turn-out in Portland Oregon for Obama, there were some right-leaning pundits who objected to the way the rally attendance was reported. Unmentioned in national reporting was the fact that Obama was preceded by a rare, 45-minute free concert by actual rock stars The Decemberists. Who? So…. the implication was that over 70,000 [...]

Shooting straight at the wild goose

According to the NY Times, an investigation into whether speculators are behind the run-up in energy prices has not yet found a smoking gun: As Congress debates how to curtail the role of speculators and rein in rising oil prices, a federal task force said Tuesday that it had so far found no evidence that [...]

Winnfield, Louisiana: A great American Home Town

How nice. If you visit this small city’s website, you’ll learn that Winnfield, Louisiana was named Louisiana’s top Home Town in February 2001. A great home town is a place with deep roots. Great home towns have well-attended churches, lively places to meet, handsome historic buildings and lots of locally owned businesses. Their residents are [...]

Fools, cads, and alien babies

If there was any time during the presidential primaries when I felt personally moved by a candidate’s story, it was when Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer returned. Her strength of will and support for her husband John was uplifting — a testament to love and commitment. Whatever I think of John Edwards’ politics, I admire his wife, [...]