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Texas tax dollars at work

Hey! Texas! Guess how our taxes will be spent for the next decade or so….. Texas officials had no right to remove about 460 children from a polygamist sect, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday. Can’t think of a single other thing I’d rather see the government do with my dollars than defend itself from [...]

Learning to see… Curves

One of the unexpected benefits I’ve found in photography has been the odd “seeing the world through a lens” affect. It can surface anywhere: driving down a suburban avenue in heavy traffic, I’ll notice the plantings beneath the (often stunted) trees in the median and mentally compose an angle to capture them; filling up my [...]

Small minded people who grew up in barns

Not too long ago, Adorable Child muttered to a friend that her teacher was “a b*tch” as she was leaving the classroom. Unfortunately for her (in the short term, but good in the long), she was overheard… and the subject of AC’s comment was incensed. The teacher called me, very concerned about AC’s use of [...]

They’ve lost their marbles!

I can’t tell whether some of the women who support Clinton are taking their marbles and going home, or they’re planning to pick their marbles up and throw them at everybody. Whatever they’re planning to do, they’ll need to find their marbles first. Sigh… Way to go, girls. That’ll show em. Added: John Cole thinks [...]

All those bigoted black voters?

From the comments this morning: I wouldn’t vote for Obama because I don’t trust him. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t vote for another person of African descent. For example, I would have no problem with Condi Rice. So, what about the 95% of black voters who check the Obama box? It’s obvious that they [...]