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Fighting the gag reflex (with my camera)

My apologies for having dropped off-line without a word. The pandering, back-biting, and spin in the Democratic primary has become so bad, though, that I really can’t even read about it anymore without fighting a gag reflect — much less write about it. Rather than adding to the stupidity online, I decided to pick my [...]

“No Professional Photography Equipment”

Polimom and Adorable Child went to watch the Aeros play this afternoon at the Toyota Center in Houston. You’ll just have to take my word for it, though. I can’t show you any fun shots, cuz they wouldn’t let my camera in the door. This is what their site says: Professional cameras are prohibited at [...]

Modern Mean Girls

This story is horrifying on so many levels to me as a parent (from CNN). The video shows a brutal scene: The 16-year-old victim is punched, kneed and slapped by other girls. She huddles in the fetal position, or stands and screams at her attackers, but the assault continues. Authorities say the eight teens said [...]

Political genie out of the Olympic bottle

Via yet another story about Obama, it turns out Chicago is vying to host the 2016 Olympics. *snort* And you thought there were protests this year? The politicization of the Olympics is a disastrous, precedent-setting development… and if China responds as the protesters want, then the political genie will be completely out of the bottle [...]

Race and admissions at UT-Austin

Via the Houston Chronicle, it seems a graduating Senior from a high school in Richmond, TX, is suing UT-Austin. Her suit alleges that she, as a white person, was denied admission to UT due to race-based admission policies. The complaint, filed yesterday in Austin (.pdf here), states that plaintiff Abigail Fisher is graduating in the [...]