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Einsteinian Insanity

Late last week, Newt Gingrich delivered a curious, under-reported speech at the American Enterprise Institute. He called it, “Answering the Obama Challenge”, and it was framed as a response to Barack Obama’s historic speech about race. (Video and transcript available here. My emphasis.) Segregation was a horrible institution imposed by force by the state. It [...]

Family lore: One Little Indian

(Continuing from “The French Scout”) We’d gone into a loop: the family was in the U.S. for hundreds of years…. the name was DeRock…. they were in New York, always…. prior to 1900, they weren’t there. I had both too much information and too little. We were Delaware? Seneca? Mohican? We came from Western NY? [...]


Via memeorandum comes the first general election ad of the season. America, meet John McCain — war hero, former POW, and patriot extraordinaire: No doubt we will all know his Navy serial # (624787) by heart before this is all done… and why not? He was a hero indeed; I, for one, admire his service [...]

Family lore: The French Scout

When I began working on my father’s maternal ancestry, I fully expected to hit a brick wall at some point. Even with my admittedly superficial grasp of early American history, I knew that there weren’t going to be many records of the French scout who’d married an Indian girl. Our knowledge of this line (I [...]

Comments and spam

Just a quick administrative note. My spam software seems to be twitching and gibbering suddenly. It’s sucking some comments into the spam box and not others. Thus far, the only commenters affected are (some of) those who have been part of the discussions here for years.    Since I’ve been fishing them out non-stop for the [...]