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… And a Happy New Year!

2008 is upon us! Make your wishes, friends!

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Dirty Drainage Ditches

If you live anywhere in the Houston area, this story should bother you: Fecal pathogens are thriving in the regional waterways. Buffalo and White Oak bayous have bacterial counts that rank among the highest in Texas. [...] Whitworth said the city of Houston has done better recently upgrading sewage treatment plants, spending $1 billion since [...]

Gazing into the crystal ball

Here we go again. Seems to me that making predictions for the hurricane season isn’t all that different from flipping coins for football picks.

NFL Football Picks: Week #14

( NFL )

Last week, at 11-5 against the spread, the Golden Coin outperformed Polimom yet again. In fact, Polimom’s only beat the Coin once in the last 3 weeks (since I started using it), and that was Week 12. (The Coin went 8-8 while Polimom was 11-5). Let’s see if the coin can pull it off again. [...]