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Saints vs Texans

For our anniversary this year, Dear Husband bought four tickets to yesterday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans… and what seats they were! For a die-hard Saints fan like Polimom, this was awesome! But although he could provide the tickets, and he could get us safely to (and into) Reliant Stadium [...]

Man vs. Nature

( Katy )

Driving home from some danged place or another a few days ago, I passed a large undeveloped field. Said field still had a patch of woods, but it probably wasn’t more than 10 acres or so — and about 30 feet out from the woodline was a deer. This deer’s home was abutted by a [...]

Moms! Just say NO!

Some months ago, Polimom’s Adorable Child (AC) lost her temper and slammed a door as she exited. It wasn’t the first time — not by a long shot. I did, however, want it to be the last, so Polimom told AC that the next time it happened, the offending door would be removed from its [...]

Bridge over troubled water?

Andrew Sullivan has a long, thoughtful piece in The Atlantic about the Boomer Generation, post-60s divides, and how those factors have come to define our divisive, hostile, and increasingly polarized social and political realities. So — is Barack Hussein Obama the bridge? I really, truly don’t know… but these are certainly very troubled times.

Off the beaten path

Genealogists (like me) tend to spend a lot of time in old cemeteries. They tell so many stories — about the people buried there, the community and era in which they lived… fascinating places! So this week, thanks to my latest hobby and toy, I visited the cemetery in a nearby small town: Fulshear, Texas. [...]