NFL Football Picks: Week #13

Posted on Thursday 29 November 2007

Last week Polimom introduced the Golden Coin — a magical odds-beater with a short track record and no ego.

That lack of sensitivity turns out to be a good thing, since the Coin’s picks last week only delivered 8-8 (go figure! on a coin flip!). Meanwhile, Polimom’s Week 12 was 11-5 — but since I’m still worse than the average coin flip for the season (and Polimom does have an ego), we’re going with the Golden Coin again.

And as a bonus, Polimom’s added a bit of worthless commentary.

Magical golden coin

Dallas over Green Bay (+6.5) — This should be a fantastic game! Unfortunately, nobody will get to watch it… OR listen to it. It’s being broadcast by the “NFL Network” and “Sirius” — neither of which are available to Joe and Jane Public. Ya gotta buy it special. (What a racket…!)

Seattle over Philadelphia (-3.5) — Bless their confused little hearts, they have a quarterback controversy in Philly. I’m thinkin’ the coin picked well here.

Buffalo over Washington (-5.5)

Minnesota over Detroit (+3.5)

San Francisco over Carolina (-2.5)

Atlanta over St. Louis (-3.5) — The Rams’ warm, satisfied glow in the aftermath of their victory over my Saints (*gag*) seems to have passed. OTOH, I don’t expect Atlanta to exceed anyone’s expectations either. The coin probably went with the least pathetic choice.

Jacksonville over Indianapolis (-6.5) — See how impartial and impersonal the coin is? If it had feelings, it’d go with Indy, if only because Peyton Manning’s so doggoned nice!

New York Jets over Miami (-1.5) — Just how bad does a team have to be for Miami to be favored? *snort*

Tennessee over Houston (+3.5) — If you were (un)lucky enough to have slept through watched Houston last week, you’ll be excused for thinking you’d flashed back to last year. The Texans looked just like they did when Carr was the kicking boy. (Carr? Carr who?)

San Diego over Kansas City (+4.5)

Denver over Oakland (+3.5) — The spread could be 100 points, and it wouldn’t matter to Denver fans. Can you say Grudge Match?

Arizona over Cleveland (+0.5) — Obviously the odds-makers haven’t a clue here. Probably they flipped their own coin…

Tampa Bay over New Orleans (-3.5) — Polimom nearly dumped the Golden Coin into the spare change dish for this one. Idiot coin…

Chicago over New York Giants (-1.5) The coin must have been getting dizzy by this point, cuz it’s clearly confused with this pick…

Pittsburgh over Cincinatti (+7.5)

New England over Baltimore (+20.5) — Ohfergoodnesssake! Somebody’s thinking Baltimore will stay home or something? Or maybe they’re suffering from amnesia after last week’s nutty spread?

So there ya go — carefully considered picks via a coin flip, and irreverant commentary by a blogger. What more could a person want?

Have fun!

3 Comments for 'NFL Football Picks: Week #13'

    December 4, 2007 | 1:52 pm

    Hey, I didn’t know you were back to picking the NFL games again on a weekly basis… gotchya now, P/M :-)

    December 4, 2007 | 1:53 pm

    [...] The GTL’s NFL Picks – Week 13 [...]

    December 5, 2007 | 7:03 pm

    Hi GTL — Yup — but I’m letting the Magic Coin handle things. Can’t believe it went 11-5 this week! That’s twice now, with a 50-50 week stuck between. Pretty soon I’ll be letting the coin do my picks, too!

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