NFL Picks — Week 12: The Golden Coin

Posted on Thursday 22 November 2007

During last year’s football season, Polimom posted picks every week against the spread. Since I ended up second overall in the pool, I was okay with sharing my “expertise” (LOL!!) with the virtual world.

This year, not so much. Polimom seems to have lost the touch — so much so, in fact, that I wondered whether I’d do better to make my picks by simply flipping a coin.

Magical golden coin

Since flipping this golden coin resulted in 11-5 last week — and also because it has no ego — I hereby present The Golden Coin’s picks for NFL Week 12:

Green Bay over Detroit (+3.5)

Dallas over NY Jets (+14.5)

Indianapolis over Atlanta (+11.5)

New Orleans over Carolina (+2.5)

Jacksonville over Buffalo (+7.5)

Houston over Cleveland (-3.5)

Tennessee over Cincinnati (+1.5)

St. Louis over Seattle (-3.5)

Oakland over Kansas City (-5.5)

Minnesota over NY Giants (-7.5)

Washington over Tampa Bay (-3.5)

Arizona over San Francisco (+10.5)

Denver over Chicago (-2.5)

San Diego over Baltimore (+9.5)

New England over Philadelphia (+22.5 — ack!!)

Pittsburgh over Miami (+15.5)

Point spreads in effect. Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck to (and from) the Golden Coin!

1 Comment for 'NFL Picks — Week 12: The Golden Coin'

    November 29, 2007 | 11:52 am

    [...] Last week Polimom introduced the Golden Coin — a magical odds-beater with a short track record and no ego. [...]

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