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Worlds apart

This thought process is so foreign to me. Alien, even. Might as well be from different planets.

NFL Football Picks: Week #13

( NFL )

Last week Polimom introduced the Golden Coin — a magical odds-beater with a short track record and no ego. That lack of sensitivity turns out to be a good thing, since the Coin’s picks last week only delivered 8-8 (go figure! on a coin flip!). Meanwhile, Polimom’s Week 12 was 11-5 — but since I’m [...]

1,000 words

Asking for it

This little ladybug was such a hussy: She got exactly what she deserved, going around in public like that. In fact, the bugs should have lashed her, too! For shame…

NFL Picks — Week 12: The Golden Coin

( NFL )

During last year’s football season, Polimom posted picks every week against the spread. Since I ended up second overall in the pool, I was okay with sharing my “expertise” (LOL!!) with the virtual world. This year, not so much. Polimom seems to have lost the touch — so much so, in fact, that I wondered [...]