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Red Ribbons

Every year, the Katy Independent School District holds “Red Ribbon Week”. Kids dress up in silly clothes, or wear odd head-gear, and school buildings and grounds are festooned with fluttering crimson. What this is supposed to be about is saying “No” to drugs — but as ever, some danged idiotz forgot to read the memo. [...]

Pink for the Cure

Pink. Passionately. For the cure.

NFL picks – Week 6 (Wake up, Saints!)

( NFL )

Unlike my beloved Saints, Polimom started out the season like a house afire. Unfortunately, things spiraled downward rapidly over the last couple of weeks. (Maybe a better description would be plummeted vertically!) I’m expecting the opposite from You Know Who. So with that in mind, here are Polimom’s picks for Week 6 against the spread: [...]

Where I’ve been and why I’ve been there

First off — thank you very much for your emails over the last several months. It’s a warm fuzzy to know that folks care… And I’m fine. Really I am. I just got tired of using the same old words to talk about the same danged problems and stories all the time, ya know? Another [...]

Stupid rope tricks

Polimom never was much good with fancy knots. I don’t macrame, and I’m the last person you want to trust tying your boat to the dock. But a noose? Not much to it. These are so easy to do, in fact, that I’d bet any drooling idiot could handle it… and that explains so much, [...]