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Promise and potential

Mutual of Omaha had a “stroke clinic” out here in Katy this week, run by champion swimmers Josh Davis and Kim Vandenberg. Since Kim is an incredible butterfly-er, and Adorable Child (AC) loves the fly, Polimom spent some time on them with the camera. Here’s Kim: And here’s AC at a recent meet (different day [...]

Close. Closer…

One of the really nice things about digital photography is the ability to take nearly unlimited numbers of shots. Thus, you can have a lovely rose: And you can have it closer… Or you can capture a lovely dragonfly: And you can also see it closer. Much closer… Enjoy!

Comes the rain…

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love storms and rain. It’s mysterious and soothing when it comes in the night: The drops jump and dance: And when the worst is over (and the heat has broken), it gives the kids something to do: What’s not to love?

A buggy weekend

With Adorable Child sick all weekend, Polimom was confined to the house and gardens. I ’bout went batty — or maybe the word is buggy: Lynx Spider Then there was this totally bizarre looking orange thing: Assassin That assassin bug was a real ham, too! Stood right up for the photographer… though he may have [...]


There are problems… …and then there are Problems.