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What I’ve been up to…

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty intensely focused on mastering the wonderful Christmas gift received this year from Dear Husband. Although I’ve been shooting digitally for almost four years, moving to an SLR was a vast technological leap, and there’s been a lot to learn. However, the incredibly steep photography learning curve is [...]

You’re not alone

When’s the last time you looked up whilst sitting about on your porch at night? You realize you’re being watched…. right? No, you’re neither as alone, nor as lonely, as you feel… I’m good with that. (And I think I’m getting better with these night exposures, too!)

Night: Learning on the Prairie

So — my travails along the unbelievably steep learning curve continued last night, as I went out for the first time ever to shoot long exposures and the sunset. I’ll show you some of the shots, and then I’ll tell you what I learned. (It’s pretty embarrassing…) This first one was about 6 minutes after [...]

Queen for a Day

Somehow, when I wasn’t watching, another year slipped past — and Polimom was again Queen for the Day: There were crawfish, and chips, and kids, and sunlight…. Unfortunately, they took my crown back at midnight — which no doubt means I’m back to being just another fish.

Things I didn’t know

Buffalo Bayou winds itself all over this part of the state, and not far from my house, there’s a bridge where cars are always parked. I’ve always wondered what was down there, and what folks were doing — so yesterday, I decided to go find out. This turns out to have been one of those [...]