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Sugar and Spice

Evidently, they’ve run yet another study concluding that women are angry: IT is the research finding every man suspected, and every women will vehemently disagree with – women are the angrier sex. New research that examined the responses of 22,000 people over 50 years has found that women are more likely to feel angry and [...]

Castles and Guns

The Texas legislature passed an expanded “castle doctrine” this week, effectively broadening the definition of where one can use deadly force in self-defense, while removing the requirement to retreat if possible. From the LA Times: AUSTIN, Texas Mar 28, 2007 (AP)— Texans will be able to use deadly force to defend themselves in their homes, [...]

THE post you must read today

If you read nothing else today, read this: According to my wife, who was at a stop sign just feet from the altercation, two older men were arguing and one threatened to shoot the other. The second suggested the first didn’t have a gun. yelled. Challenged, fellow number one pulled out his gun and waved [...]

Playing the Iranian game

Iran’s seizure of 15 British naval personnel has analysts and pundits spinning in circles. Were they trying to influence the U.N. Security Council? Are they trying to “reassert their political and military relevance” in the Persian Gulf area? Perhaps they’re trying to leverage public opinion — in this case, against Tony Blair — by taking [...]

One man’s pork is another man’s bacon

Nick Anderson at the Houston Chronicle brings to life what I’ve been thinking. How come it’s only “pork” when “the other guys” do it?