Moderates: a mutant genetic form?

Posted on Tuesday 22 August 2006

Goodness! Genetic science has progressed far beyond what Polimom realized:

Simply put, liberals have a big baby problem: They’re not having enough of them, they haven’t for a long time, and their pool of potential new voters is suffering as a result. According to the 2004 General Social Survey, if you picked 100 unrelated politically liberal adults at random, you would find that they had, between them, 147 children. If you picked 100 conservatives, you would find 208 kids. That’s a “fertility gap” of 41%. Given that about 80% of people with an identifiable party preference grow up to vote the same way as their parents, this gap translates into lots more little Republicans than little Democrats to vote in future elections. Over the past 30 years this gap has not been below 20%–explaining, to a large extent, the current ineffectiveness of liberal youth voter campaigns today.

Clearly those colored models of DNA strands included blues and reds for a reason, but what, then, am I to conclude about myself — a moderate independent who is the product of a liberal and a conservative.

Is purple recessive, do you think? Or a mutation?

Perhaps conservatives and liberals could finally find some common ground in this new finding, as they rally against the latest threat from miscegenation: the mighty middle.

Others fretting over laughing at writing about this earth-shattering finding:

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2 Comments for 'Moderates: a mutant genetic form?'

    August 22, 2006 | 1:12 pm

    It’s abortion; duh!

    August 22, 2006 | 8:14 pm

    See what happens when a few generations favor birth control and abortions? *LMAO*

    I think you should colored American, United States Citizen, like most (for now) of us.

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