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My worst nightmare

I’ve written about this before: I didn’t vote for Bush in the last election – not so much because of worries about him, or his support by the religious right. The far right and left have been shouting at one another from the trenches for decades, and abortion, gay rights, etc. will always be a [...]

Not in the Name of Islam

This is a good thing (AP via the Chron): “This sentiment of denial, that sort of came as a fever to the Muslim community after 9-11, is fading away,” said Muqtedar Khan, a political scientist at the University of Delaware and author of “American Muslims.” “They realize that there are Muslims who use terrorism, and [...]

Open thread

Polimom’s mind is looping on AC-specific issues this morning, and posting will be late today. Since I can’t focus until I get the loop interrupted, this is probably as good a time as any for an open thread. What’s on your mind today? Update (Yes, I’m updating an open thread):   How come the first time [...]

A different world

AC’s bookbag is frequently packed with odd things when she comes home from school, but this afternoon had something a bit different: “Dear Parents, [....] During arrival / breakfast time, a fifth grader told the cafeteria manager that there was a bomb in the 5th grade hall.” Since no parents were notified (until about half [...]

… and I’m the Queen of Sheba (update)

Did you know that San Francisco experienced a terrorist attack yesterday? Yup! Ask any number of hard-right bloggers. (Here and here are a couple of memeorandum links so I don’t have to hook into this fiasco.) The story, apparently, is that a man got into his vehicle and started deliberately hitting pedestrians with it. When [...]