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A story for AC

When Polimom was young, the block on which I lived had three girls. We ranged in age from 12-15, and we “hung out” together all the time in each other’s front yards — talking, laughing, and dreaming. We were just kids, anxious to grow up and “start” our lives. One evening, a friend of one [...]

Hikin’, swimmin’, and throwin’ darts

Hmmm… let’s see…. Katy, TX: 96 degrees and matching humidity? Or the mountains: 83 degrees and 20% humidity? Tough call, I know, and surely nobody from the Gulf Coast could possibly understand why I take a long vacation this time every year… right? Right??? Ahem. Just as I thought… and that’s why there’s a plane [...]

Sockpuppets and Occam’s Razor

Another day, another dogfight blogfight. Polimom really didn’t intend to post about the most recent blog-o-battle, but between conversations and chats, various e-mails, and the ongoing (and escalating) problems with Online Integrity, I’m capitulating. Since this latest brouhaha is several days on, I’m assuming folks who might be interested are already up to speed. In [...]

When a killer stalks

Every day, we’re confronted with stories of violence and death. Some mornings, Polimom’s mind reels from the onslaught: drugs, gangs, and revenge, young people and old — entire pages devoted to the mindless madness all around us. Some stories, though, are different: Houston police said this afternoon they are looking into whether a serial killer [...]

In Iraq, we’re hoist on the PNAC petard

Thanks to the RNC, Polimom’s pleased to share good news with folks this morning: things are looking good in Iraq! (.pdf here) No, really! They’ve helpfully assembled some media coverage that demonstrates that we’re on the right track… that the market economy is ready to roll, and Iraqi’s are happy with the job al-Maliki’s doing. [...]