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Some New Orleans (un)reality

Oh dear me. Polimom really doesn’t like the sound of this ( WASHINGTON (AP) — Everyone has known New Orleans is a sinking city. Now new research suggests parts of the city are sinking even faster than many scientists imagined — more than an inch a year. [snip] The research, reported in the journal Nature, [...]


Anybody who reads here knows that Polimom’s biggest political concern by far is the polarization of America. The wings (sometimes politely referred to as “the bases”) of both parties are skewing things out of proportion, paralyzing the political system with expectations that can only be called pandering, and creating a truly unhappy electorate. So skimming [...]

Ahmadinejad’s interview with Spiegel

( Iran )

Der Spiegel, a German magazine, has published a truly fascinating interview with Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Since I have no idea whether he speaks German, I’m assuming that his portion of the published interview (here) underwent two translations: Farsi to German, and German to English. Even allowing for translation, though, there is some truly strange thinking [...]

Boys will be boys?

After the last couple of posts, Polimom felt a real need to lighten up a bit. Since there have been several stories recently about organized fighting (teens in Arlington, TX, and just lately the techno-geek warrior wannabes), I decided to post about this strange propensity to violence that sometimes manifests in the lucky possessors of [...]

Multi-tasking and Afghanistan

Polimom recently asked AC what she thought happened first after 9/11, and I was completely unsurprised to hear her say that we’d gone into Iraq. Now, AC is nine, and to a child, the 3+ years of the Iraqi War is the normal state of affairs. The rest of us, though, remember Afghanistan, the Taleban, [...]