Stupid B-Gone!

Posted on Monday 20 March 2006

Well I’ll be doggoned.

All morning long, people have been googling into Polimom’s blog, searching for the term “B-stupid” – the no-doubt perfectly descriptive nickname of Ivory Harris, and one of NOLA and Houston’s most wanted violent criminals. Here’s why:

At 3 a.m. this morning in Kenner, police officers arrested Ivory “B-Stupid” Harris, the most wanted man in the city. The arrest was a collaborative effort between NOPD and Kenner police officers. Harris, 20, is wanted for two murders in New Orleans as well as a host of murders in Houston back in January. Harris is a career criminal who should not ever roam the streets again.

That’s wonderful news, and taken in combination with the recent arrest of Stupid’s buddy Jerome “Man Man” Hampton, things are looking up. Of course, ole’ Man Man was apparently standing in the neutral ground, firing a gun into the air, so one has to assume he was bored with freedom.

Now, if NOLA’s CJ system can only keep them off the streets permanently…

    April 15, 2006 | 3:34 pm

    i’m so glad trouble don’t last always and now i have closure that the killer of my beloved and missed brother is behind bars where animals belong. May God have mercy on his soul!

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