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The lure of the Pied Piper

How does one miss a project cost estimate by a factor of 3? From the Washington Post: The Bush administration said yesterday that the cost of rebuilding New Orleans’s levees to federal standards has nearly tripled to $10 billion and that there may not be enough money to fully protect the entire region. [...] The [...]

I see another possibility here

I have to say this…. it just seems so obvious. What would happen if the Mexican government amended its constitution to allow foreign investment in its energy industry – with a guaranteed preference for its neighbor to the north? (For those who need help with this, I’m talking about OIL.) I just have this vision [...]

If it walks like a duck…

… and quacks like a duck… The immigration debate and competing bills coming from the House and Senate are, like legalese everywhere, really difficult to wade through. That’s probably at least partly why the blogosphere seems so confused about terms like “felony” and “amnesty“. You can read the proposed bills yourself here — or you [...]

How to make your mother proud

Duke University’s talented Blue Devils have apparently managed to hit all the buttons at once – a bunch of white athletes at a pricey American university gang raping a poor black woman who is working as an exotic dancer / escort to pay her way through college and support her two children. Un-freaking-believable. This apparently [...]

Blame the TABC

Evidently, the TABC’s sights were on the wrong target last week. Instead of looking in bars, they need to be infiltrating restaurants! That’s where this bozo loaded himself up before driving out and clipping two pedestrians last year. In the interests of fairness, though, Polimom has no trouble understanding why these British visitors might have [...]