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Polimom is so glad New Orleans held Mardi Gras this year. If ever a town and its population deserved a break from unrelenting bad news, it’s NOLA – and get a break they did. Is it smaller? Of course. Were there mixed feelings toward having it? Certainly. Is it wild, crazy, decadent, flamboyant? You bet! [...]

Hey! NOLA!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!! (Wish I was there…. )

It’s not up to you!

It looks as if America’s religious right is gonna try to cash in their political chips, starting with South Dakota. Clearly it’s a test of Roe v. Wade, and the new composition of the Supreme Court: PIERRE, South Dakota (AP) — State lawmakers voted Friday to ban nearly all abortions in South Dakota and sent [...]

C’mon, Houston. Think!

Houston is confusing Polimom half to death lately. Between the Chronicle’s myopic editorial and Eric Berger’s provocative article yesterday (and reactions to them), one would think that Houston had unlimited choices when they finally started evacuating people from New Orleans last September. But nearly half of the hospital district’s budget comes directly from local taxpayers, [...]

The other black New Orleans

Six months of unrelenting images and stories of New Orleans evacuees as black, poor, and helpless has created the oddest impression of the city. One would think that the black community has achieved nothing positive – that everyone lived in the Ninth Ward, that all the people in NOLA who were not white were poor, [...]