Metrocide – America can’t afford it

Posted on Saturday 28 January 2006

Whether one thinks New Orleans is at risk of dying from neglect or via a deliberate death blow, it’s hard to avoid seeing the will of the White House regarding the city. In fact, it couldn’t be much clearer, could it?

What is it that Bush needs to hear, in terms of A Plan? He heard one already, and then rejected the pivotal lynchpin to move it forward. Is this a game of Twenty Questions, and the White House will only say “yes” or “no”, until Louisiana comes up with the right phrase?

How about a hint? Maybe some “warmer” or “colder” help here?

You know what’s hurting me the most about this whole situation? Knowing what it’s doing to the people to NO PURPOSE! Frustration, despair, anger, hopelessness – all of these, and more, but this is just the beginning. The ramifications to America, financially, will be enormous, and they’ll span decades – all because this president has abandoned a half-million people.

I don’t agree – and haven’t for a while – that the entire city should be rebuilt. But there is absolutely NO WAY 200,000 households should have to face a new beginning, in unfamiliar territory, not only with nothing, but deeply in debt to mortgages on properties that are gone. It will take generations for these families to get back to even pre-Katrina levels. Does this administration think that won’t cost anything?

What does Bush think will happen to the banking industry when this entire “part of the world” declares bankruptcy? They’re going to have to do that, you know…. And ultimately, that will cycle back around to the government who will STILL own the problem.

How can the government not see that as a result of this short-sightedness, the U.S. economy will have to absorb the costs anyway? They should do this the right way now, while there’s still hope for the people, instead of later… after lives are destroyed permanently.

Can the country survive without a fully-rebuilt New Orleans? Yes, I think it can. The port, river, commodities shipping… all of that can be supported by the surrounding areas and Parishes that were less damaged.

And I think Bush and Co. know this. They can commit metrocide because at the end of the day, the economic engines will continue to turn, and the administration simply doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of American lives that are trampled along the way.

  1. January 28, 2006 | 12:50 pm

    With the ammount of oil that is brought in via Louisianas refining facilities and pipelines, you’d think it would behoove the government to expedite all assistance that can be afforded to the Gulf, wouldnt you? They could almost hold the rest of the country hostage with them.

    I can recall two years ago reading a Louisiana Outdoors magazine in the N.O. airport after a hunting trip, and reading that for every 6 Billion dollars the Oil companies made offshore in louisiana, they only gave back to the state something like 1.2 million. I kept that article for the longest time, because I felt it showed how unfairly the oil industry treated La.As fate would have it, I threw it out last July.

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