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Request Denied

“What strikes me is the utter lack of coordination in the search and rescue,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told a panel of four front-line officials involved in the Katrina response. “Don’t you all talk to one another?”  FEMA continues to defy the brain’s ability to process stupidity. And as long as we’re on the subject [...]

Playing BINGO in Lala-land

Just in case you were still doubtful that the Democrats have let go of the string tethering them to earth, here’s how the Houston group is planning to respond to this evening’s State of the Union address: Join DEMOCRATS FOR PEACE at a protest to coincide with Tuesday evening’s State of the Union address. We [...]

Wasting everybody’s time

Apologies to all of Polimom’s friends who perhaps support the fillibuster effort, but I sure wish these folks would find something productive to do with their time and energy. Democrats launch effort to block Alito confirmation This crop of Democrats is apparently unable to find anything other than lost causes to champion. Alito was not [...]

Is there anybody in Washington with guts?

The president is a miserable failure when it comes to American citizens. Perhaps, as this NYTimes editorial seems to suggest, Congress can move things forward? (my emphasis) Louisiana in Limbo New Orleans waits. While some heroic efforts at rebuilding are taking place, hundreds of thousands of residents have put their lives on hold until they [...]

2x + y = disaster

The LATimes is running a series this week about some truly terrifying (to me) high school drop-out statistics. The Times determined that at least 53% of the students who began at Birmingham in ninth grade graduated four years later, many from other schools. Half? Holy cow! And today’s article – the second in the series [...]