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MRE Memories

This is a vegetarian tortellini MRE. I’m told it’s very tasty – but I don’t intend to open it. Ever. This MRE is special beyond words, because it was a Thank You yesterday from an Algiers Point person. There’s an entire library of stories behind this MRE. Algiers – Thank you, for trusting me in [...]

We’ll be there soon soon soon

Assuming everybody ever gets up, we get the hound fed and to the kennel, and we actually get into the car anytime soon (all of these are iffy), we’ll be in Algiers early this afternoon. (This probably means I won’t be blogging much…) To say I’m looking forward to bringing in the New Year with [...]

Levees in 6 months?

Hurricane season starts again in 6 months and a few days. Think they’ll have the levees rebuilt by then? These folks don’t think so. When Kemp heard that an official at the White House had promised to fix the levees by June 1, he was puzzled. “I think it has to do with what he [...]


My opinion on Monday’s shooting is likely to be unpopular… Something is really starting to bother me about the NOPD’s situation, and I’m more worried about this than perhaps anything else that’s come up from Katrina to date. Yes, the NOPD used lethal force on a man who lunged at them with a knife, but [...]

NOLA’s Gangs… in Houston

Some months ago, I wrote: If the criminal element is, as Nagin seems to think, not in the city right now, where are they? Watch the news – I’m sure you’ll hear about them. They’ll be the ones causing problems in their new locales. Not because they’re poor. Because they are violent, opportunistic criminals, and [...]