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Loving Neighbors

Some of what was reported right after Katrina was so racially biased, it became nearly impossible to sort distortions from reality. The “incident� on the bridge (when evacuees from the city were kept from entering the West Bank) is an excellent example. That event was so incendiary, and people were so completely terrified, that I’ve [...]

Bush’s Little New Orleans Problem

President Bush has dropped the ball, totally, in New Orleans. What with one thing and another, I’m not even sure he remembers that there were a couple of big storms this hurricane season, but somebody needs to remind him…soon. Not just because New Orleans is worthwhile (it is), or because it’s the right thing to [...]

Levee Oversight Reform – When “No” is Not an Option

It looks to me as if maybe (is it possible??) we’re not getting all the information about the levee oversight bill that didn’t make it through the special legislative session last week. There are, of course, many sides to every story, and with legislation, it’s often those little niggling details that get lost in the [...]

I’ll See You Someday

Yesterday, I drove an hour into Houston to attend Mayor Nagin’s “Town Hall� meeting in Houston. Along with a few hundred other people (this place was hard to find!), I listened to the mayor’s optimistic (and occasionally evasive) pep rally and jeered at the somewhat hostile FEMA official. However, I took away a slightly different [...]

He Who Laughs Last…

It’s one thing for a lowly blogger like me to suggest that Bush will only be able to salvage his presidency (and American credibility) by admitting that Iraq was a mistake. I am, after all, merely an opinionated American with one ineffectual vote. It’s another thing altogether when says the same thing. He would [...]