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Happy Halloween!

(Yes, that’s a picture of my pumpkin!) When I was a kid, jack-o-lanterns were pretty vanilla. My mom and I would scoop the mucky innards out of the pumpkin onto thick newspapers, and then throw the mess away. Then we’d draw shapes with a marker, and my dad would cut them out with his knife. [...]

Thanks, Dave

If you live anywhere on the Gulf Coast, you really should be regularly reading Dave Barry. Since naming a hurricane after a Flinstone just wasn’t funny enough for me this year, I really appreciate Dave in south Florida, so he can help me laugh at it all. How convenient that we have one of the [...]

Charter Schools Approved (Again!)

Yet again, I’m writing about charter schools being approved for New Orleans. I think this time, though, it’ll stick. (Of course, the Teacher’s Union may yet throw a monkey wrench. They’re already throwing a “hissy fit?.) For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great idea, if only because it will redraw the lines of [...]

Fact or Fiction – Blurring the Lines

Sitting at swim practice late last spring, a group of moms were talking (as we always do). For a change, the discussions weren’t about vacation schedules or swimming abilities. Rather, these moms were intensely debating a book… or rather, they were exploring their deepest core values and how they fit with the new ideas put [...]

Things You Didn’t Know (and Probably Didn’t Care)

I gotta tell ya – this need some people seem to have to share their sexual orientation, latest flames, recent break-ups, and the nitty gritty details behind their lives is really beyond me. I have never understood it, but this week’s “bare-all about myself? disclosures got put to good use at my house. Everybody knows [...]