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How NOT to Handle a Crisis 101

(Fair warning – many of you may not like this entry…) One of my enduring memories of the Katrina crisis, I think, will be that of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s hysterical media interviews and panicked blame-gaming. (Yes, I’ve seen the caricatures of Governor Blanco as Edith Bunker, but I guess she didn’t get as [...]

Communities Held Hostage

I know, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, that New Orleans will be rebuilt. The economists can explain the necessity in terms of the port, and the geologists can bemoan the dangers of the topography, but none of these dry, unemotional positions have any bearing on the issue. Because New Orleans is vitally [...]

A Big City with a Big Problem

According to this morning’s Houston Chronicle, the death toll from Rita is now 109 – and many of these were the result of the botched evacuation. Heat exhaustion, falling asleep at the wheel, hit by cars, the bus fire….Unbelievable. Yet less than half of the area evacuated. Whether this is because they saw the futility [...]

Katrina – Up Close

I’ve just come back from an agonizing virtual visit to Pearlington, MS, where I spent time, and tears, looking into the faces of people who have lost it all. Katrina did not discriminate, and as the talented and eloquent owner of this site said, They were on the bottom before Katrina, but she’s stomped their [...]

Will the Real Eddie Compass Please Stand Up

The resignation of New Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass can be viewed from many angles. Defenders will say the endless stress finally got to him. Conspiracists will suspect Compass to be the “fall guy” for his superiors (interesting thought, actually). Detractors will say he embellished and lied to the press. Frankly, I’ve wondered why that [...]