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A little news

A reader has sent this link to a picture of the Dry Dock. As s/he pointed out, the buildings behind look okay… Also – from the Times-Picayune ( update page: Alert in Algiers And on a personal note – I have finally heard from our missing family member. :>

Information is Hard to Get

I’m posting this mostly to the many who want to know when they can come home, if only to check the damage and grab some belongings (as they’ve said they’re going to allow for Jefferson Parish). I have arranged a call tomorrow with officials, and I plan to at least ask the question. I will [...]

Some Specifics

Okay – some specific requests. Please keep in mind these observations are all from the street. People are getting pretty jumpy there now, and it is probably unwise to approach a stranger’s house. Re: Tout Suite – the building, at least, is fine. Still boarded, so no looting I think. They haven’t seen Jill. 329 [...]


Somebody with the handle “gorditafer” posted about a house on Belleville. Can you please contact me direct at (Note: nothing wrong with the house…. messages…..)

No – there’s no power

I keep seeing rumors floating around on the boards about power in Algiers. The short answer is, “there is NO power in Algiers”. The long answer is that rumors are everywhere, including Algiers. But nobody I’ve talked to actually has power, or knows of anybody with it. What Algiers DOES have, that really is amazing, [...]