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Occam’s Razor

It’s been an astounding couple of weeks – but it was quite a departure from my normal reality, and I’m being pulled back. Like any mom, I can’t go away without giving advice, but it comes with a disclaimer. I will not live in fear, nor will I let go of my belief in humanity [...]


Enormous time and energy has gone into the online world of Joseph Duncan. Every day, there’s yet another disturbing path to follow; another theory to examine; another clue to link. It’s engulfed my life, and many others. I don’t want to wallow in his vile world at the expense of my own – yet it’s [...]

Trailblazing – Criminal Investigation and the New Technology

Joseph Duncan stands accused of some of the most horrific crimes it’s possible to imagine. Known to be dysfunctional and dangerous from an early age, he still managed to convince many people over the years that he had changed/reformed/healed. Thanks to current technology and some outright hysteria, this case is beginning to look like a [...]

It’s all about the $$$$$

(start rant) I can’t believe it. Like many others, I’ve spent the last 10 days completely engulfed in the “Jet” sickness – overcome with sympathy for the Groene family, and endlessly grateful that my own little daughter is safe here at home with me. My inability to let go of the threads into Duncan’s online [...]

Equal Rights and Recidivism

Joseph Duncan’s monstrous mind is yet another unfathomable that defies human understanding. Blaming the Fargo police, Megan’s Law, the MN judge and/or prosecutors, society, Duncan’s parents – these are all attempts to fit an imponderable into an understandable matrix. If we can understand it (the thinking goes) we can fix it. We can’t fix it. [...]