Democrats and Republicans BOTH own this freaking mess

Posted on Wednesday 9 November 2016

Dear Democrats:

What in the hell were you thinking?   She was a lousy candidate, but you couldn’t take your blinders off to see that.   She was the very epitome of the entrenched political class, and carried in decades of luggage on top of it.  She never had a chance.  You guys need to engage in some serious reflection.


Dear Republicans:

It’s on you, folks, to find a way to bind us back together as a country.  Supporting someone who targeted and marginalized millions of human beings means that your neighbors are now afraid.   More to the point… they fear you, specifically.  Fix that.  Fix it right now.  Before your spiteful “stick in the eye” brings the entire country into the abyss.


I think it’s time to toss these two parties out, lock stock and barrel, and start again.

Holy shit, what a mess.


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To Hell and Back

Posted on Tuesday 9 August 2011

She stormed through flames and fiery hell,

A sad and angry soul;

As I cried and raged behind her,

Her life my only goal.


Yet as she slipped away from me,

her hand groped out behind;

“Hold me, Mama.  Don’t let go.

This world is so unkind”


I reached for her with all my heart,

And through tremendous force of will

she stepped back from the abyss below,

to find her feet beneath her still.


She’s standing now, a fragile reed

that strengthens more each day;

No longer alone, much less afraid,

as she learns to find her way.


Her road has many twists and turns,

and the path’s not always clear;

But the light is bright upon her,

as she’s learned to fight the fear.


And me?  I stand beside again,

a quiet, solid friend.

Willing to steady, but proud to watch

her take the reins again.

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Some promises for my daughter

Posted on Monday 17 January 2011

I promise… to stop yelling at you. In return, you must promise to stop arguing every time you don’t get your way.

I promise… to drive you to your various medical appointments. In return, you must promise to do what the doctors and therapists have asked of you.

I promise… to give you an allowance. In return, you must promise to do your chores, as well as help when needed around the household.

I promise… to support your dietary explorations by buying, and sometimes preparing, foods nobody else in the household will eat. In return, you must promise to eat regularly and healthily.

I promise… to let you have various electronic gadgets in your bedroom. I also promise not to insist on a specific ‘bedtime’. In return, you must promise to get enough sleep.

I promise… not to nag at you. In return, you must promise to do what’s asked of you when the request occurs.

I promise to meet you halfway… if you promise to be there as well.

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Pond Stalking

Posted on Wednesday 22 September 2010

From almost the first day we arrived here, there’s been an enormous waterbird stalking our pond — no doubt because we have an abundance of these:

Fair Game

Or should I say, we had an abundance. Daily visits to the smorgasbord have reduced the supply rather markedly.

He’s a Great Blue Heron. And he’s been driving me insane. I’ve gone sneaking down to the pond TONS of times with my camera… only to see him fly off the second I start down the porch steps.

But not this morning.

Great Blue II

I didn’t even realize he was there when I went down to the pond, either. Walked down with the hound-dog, and was nearly on top of him before I saw him.

I backed away… slowly… quietly…. and went back up to the house for the camera. Came back down, then realized I didn’t have the card in. So I backed away again! Slowly…. quietly…..

Great Blue at last

I cannot believe I finally got away with this.

So who’s stalking whom, do you think?

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Posted on Friday 17 September 2010

I’ve spent much of the last week reflecting.

On my mother, on me, on our relationship…


The deeper I look, the more clarity I find.

However painful it all is.

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