The Balancing Act

Posted on Friday 20 March 2020

Restaurants and malls and bars and dentists and hair dressers are either closing, or have radically cut down their output. Unemployment benefit claims are so numerous they’ve crashed the servers. An entire state has gone into lockdown. All in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic that’s currently sweeping around the globe… and through everyone’s backyard and into their homes.

Is it working? Is the curve flattening? We won’t know for awhile. But the economic damage is already profound.

The new coronavirus pandemic has triggered a wave of U.S. workers filing for state jobless benefits, with states across the nation receiving a sharp rise in applications as businesses shut down and out-of-work Americans hunt for a payment lifeline.

We can’t sustain this. Likewise we cannot simply start letting people die. But what are the alternatives? How long can our town / state / country / world keep the economic engines shut down? From the WSJ:

By the time Treasury’s small-business lending program runs through the bureaucratic hoops—complete with ordering owners that they can’t lay off anyone as a price for getting the loan—millions of businesses will be bankrupt and tens of millions will be jobless.

The answer is not long. Not long at all.

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Nope. This is Not a Drill

Posted on Friday 13 March 2020

I held back for quite awhile before I made up my mind whether this coronavirus was worse than the flu. I wanted data, not b.s. from countries like China. Thanks to our FedGov’s sheer incompetence, we don’t have data in the US (that just ticks me of SO badly), so we have to go with data from around the world.

Friends, we have data. Covid-19 is not a hoax. Taking precautions is not alarmist. (Stocking 25 years worth of t.p. is, though…) Taking precautions is multi-purpose:

1 – keep vulnerable people you might come into contact with (or who might come into contact with a surface you touched 3 days ago) from dying.

2 – slow the spread of the disease so it doesn’t overwhelm the healthcare system.

It’s just that simple. And so is the math:

It’s expected that most people will get the virus. Let’s be conservative and go with 60% for “most”. In a country of 330 million, that would mean 198 million.

And let’s say 5% of those are critical. So.. 9.9 million critical cases.

Friends, the mortality rate for the critical cases is very high, 49%. Do the math. My calculator tells me that 49% of 9.9 million people = 4.85 million.

4.85 million people dying is what we really DON’T WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN!!! (I said that really loud for the people in the back — CAN YOU HEAR ME???)

So we have to slow this thing down. Here’s what happens when the healthcare system is overwhelmed, folks:…

Stop squawking about the stupid toilet paper. Stop saying it’s all a hoax. Stop pretending that just because YOU are not at risk, this is all an overreaction.

Get serious. Right freaking now.

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A MAGA-Walk to Town

Posted on Wednesday 4 March 2020

Yesterday I ran my first attempt at “If I wear a red MAGA hat, will I be transformed into some other person in the eyes of others?”  And directly related:  “Will I be treated differently?”  Since I’m not a Trumpster (at all), this took some planning (where to find a hat?) and a fair amount of reflection.

It was a spectacular day — in the 60s!!!  — so I walked the mile and a half down to the center of the village to meet a friend at the store.  (We have only the one store, so no confusion.)   The road down the hill (literally down) is very narrow and windy, lined w/ stone walls.  Visibility around those bends and turns is negligible, and there is no shoulder most of the way — so seeing the oncoming traffic was paramount.  Since going down meant walking into the sun, I had to pull the brim of the hat pretty low.  There was absolutely no way for an oncoming driver to avoid seeing what my hat said (assuming they saw me at all, which was my fervent hope).

I only encountered a few cars (4 maybe?) on the way there, and only caught a hand gesture from one of them.  It looked like she flipped me off.  But it’s fair to say that all the other drivers coming up that hill were hard to see because of the glare, and also…  well, I was nervous.  I truly was expecting some kind of unpleasant interaction;  we hear about it so very often.

At the store, a woman (sotto voce) said, “I really like your hat” and gave me a small smile.  My friend was uncomfortable with my cap and told me she planned to pretend it wasn’t there.  We spent about an hour chatting, I was neither accosted nor praised.  I also had my back to the store so I could gaze out the picture window, so there is that. 🤣

On the way back UP the hill, I encountered way more traffic — probably at least 10 vehicles.  With only 2 or 3 exceptions, I was the recipient of a smile and a friendly wave.  The exceptions were simply no reaction.

The only anomaly I experienced was self-generated.  I encountered two People of Color, and while the first woman nodded and waved (she was jogging), I was sorry I was wearing the hat.  The second person was in the store, and I kept my hat turned away and avoided him.  Definitely something of mine to be unpacked there; I’m leaving it for another day. 😟😞☹️

And that, my friends, was that.  Pretty darned uneventful.  I’m both relieved and disappointed.  Either my town is just not worried about these things (maybe?), it’s a major Trump hub (not), or the hysteria from the left is overrated. Other than noting that my little town seemed abnormally friendly today, I don’t have NEARLY enough data to draw any conclusions.   

But it was a very fine day for a walk.

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Hello? Polimom? Are you there? ::knock knock::

Posted on Sunday 1 March 2020

Funny.  The last post I wrote here was after the 2016 elections.  I was pretty angry that day — but I was pretty angry a lot of the time at that point, so… meh.  Life gets very hard sometimes, ya know?

Yet here I am, 15 years after I first started the blog, finding myself with more to say than is fair to inflict on my friends and loved ones real time.

I’ll be getting the site updated in the next few weeks, complete with a new visual theme and social media feeds (that I totally do NOT understand LOL!).

It seems that yes, Polimom is still here.  She wasn’t dead;  she was only sleeping.

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Democrats and Republicans BOTH own this freaking mess

Posted on Wednesday 9 November 2016

Dear Democrats:

What in the hell were you thinking?   She was a lousy candidate, but you couldn’t take your blinders off to see that.   She was the very epitome of the entrenched political class, and carried in decades of luggage on top of it.  She never had a chance.  You guys need to engage in some serious reflection.


Dear Republicans:

It’s on you, folks, to find a way to bind us back together as a country.  Supporting someone who targeted and marginalized millions of human beings means that your neighbors are now afraid.   More to the point… they fear you, specifically.  Fix that.  Fix it right now.  Before your spiteful “stick in the eye” brings the entire country into the abyss.


I think it’s time to toss these two parties out, lock stock and barrel, and start again.

Holy shit, what a mess.


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